Member Spotlight- Jill Mraz

Jill!!!! This one is yours lady!

Jill joined us a couple months back and I swear she somehow keeps a smile on her face even through the tough workouts. (She may not think so, but I def notice lol). Love her work ethic and you’d never guess she was new to our fit fam. Getting stronger each day- you can tell, look at those arms!!!

Like many people new to a gym, I can see the look in her eyes sometimes when she sees the workout on the board. It’s a combination of “oh wow”, or “oh man, can I do this??”. But she has this look that comes over her face after where she almost sighs like she’s thinking, “well I’m gonna try my best”. It’s hard to explain, but it’s just the vibe she gives off. Even when she knows it may be challenging, she’s going to give it a go. SO awesome to see!!

Jill your form and strength continue to improve and we definitely need to do measurements soon, because you are looking leaner each week!! Rock out girl! You’ve earned this one. 🙂

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