Member Spotlight- Joe Dobrovolny

Joe!! Always smiling….seriously always. If he is having a bad day, the coaches and other members would never know. One member even asked if Joe was a dentist, stating that he had that pleasant professional demeanor about him. Someone you’d be happy to talk to. (hahaha love that story). Well Joe, now it’s our turn to return the smile with this shout-out for you!!

Joe joined us back in July 2016 looking to switch things up a bit in his routine. I can’t believe it has almost been a year! 

He is always ready to put in work with each class and try anything. Everytime I look over at Joe, he is squatting more weight than the last time and challenging himself with a more difficult movement. It has been so great to see his progression in class. He has always listened closely and focused on good form, but even that continues to improve class after class. And like I stated above, he still has a smile on his face after the workout is over.  It’s a sweaty smile, where you know he worked his butt off, but he’s happy to be here. Coaching Joe is fun and he truly makes our job easy. It is also great to see him chatting it up with the other members, and always being encouraging to others. 

I hope that he can see as much improvements in himself as we can. Stronger and stronger each day- I can’t wait to see how he continues to progress in the future. We luv ya Joe!! Keep pushing in class!!

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