Member Spotlight- Joe Matthews


This guy is a regular in the evening classes and is coming up on his 1 year anniversary! Here he is pictured rocking out a team workout a couple Saturdays ago.

Joe always seems to be in a good mood and ready to put some work in. He’s always receptive to coaching techniques and wanting to move well in the workouts. Over the past year we have seen all his hard work improve his form and improve his strength. He’s benching more, he’s squatting more and he has continued to lean up! (Even if he hasn’t noticed- we have!! lol) Check out that tuck jump in the photo above!!! 

Such a great dude to have in class! He’s always chatting it up with the other members and coaches and is there to lend a helping hand at the end of the night helping put equipment away. Oh and Joe even showed up to help paint the new space after working out in a Saturday class!! Thanks again!!

I love seeing him push and encourage the other guys in class with him! Can’t wait to see what he will continue to accomplish in 2018. Great having you as a member Joe- keep it up- all your work is paying off!


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