Member Spotlight- Jon Sealock


You look amazing!!! 

Jon usually comes in the evening for class and gave the gym a try when his friend and member, Brad, referred him for a friends and family pass. He was initially nervous for his free trial and I still remember the email he sent me.

He wrote that, he came in “knowing he just would hate it”. That, “working out in a group was not going to be for him.” But he showed up for the trial and used his pass for class and that he would be joining based on the amazing experience he received from the coaches and the other members. Needless to say the email turned out differently than it started out :). Jon went on to say he couldn’t believe his mind was changed so quickly. 

He sent us this pic the other day saying it was exactly 2 weeks before he started exercising in class with us and also started to eat healthier. This was back in August of 2017. The other pic was taken when Jon completed the Murph challenge in May 2018 and him rocking out his first set of knees to chest!!! 

Jon you are living proof that it just takes one decision to change your life. We are so proud of you and seeing your confidence boost in class with each workout makes us all smile! You are realizing just how strong you are and it’s been so cool to watch! Keep grabbing heavier weights because you CAN lift them- we promise. 🙂

Keep it up dude- you deserve this one!!

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