Member Spotlight- Jordan Pirtle

This one is for you girl! (Please don’t kill me, cause you deserve this! LOL)

Mindset. One simple word, but it makes all the difference. This one simple word, however, can be so elusive at times. 

I first met Jordan when she popped into one of my 4:30pm classes. She normally works out in the early morning. I could immediately tell this girl was tough and had grit to push through. Always working her butt off in class, but mindful of some old injuries she had and when to play it smart. 

It wasn’t until she started individual nutrition coaching with me, that I truly got to know her more in-depth. Grit is one thing, but man is this lady accomplished! I suddenly got to see an insight into all the other amazing talents she has outside the gym as well. I also got to see her transformation in the one area that was often eluding her in the past- nutrition consistency and losing body fat %. By the time Jordan joined us, she was well on her weight loss journey!! Now it was time for her to fine tune her goals and keep progressing.

I know Jordan started nutrition coaching for one reason, but has been able to get so much more out of it then she ever thought. I have watched her week after week put in actual work on her mindset, something that has nothing to do with food or exercise. She has put in work to examine roadblocks she’s had in the past, how she celebrates things she’s accomplished and how she looks at her overall health and fitness goals. Even identifying when it can become easy to self-sabotage. 

She’s been consistent with food, conquering frustrations that often pop up and changing the way she views her goals and how she talks to herself. Phew! This one is getting into pretty deep stuff… but I hope she knows how much growth I have seen in her and how proud I am of her. 

She started out thinking, “I hope this works, I need someone to stay on me about my food.” To now, viewing everything as just part of the journey she is on and learning new things along the way. She shared a photo with me when she was at “her lowest weight” in her weight loss journey, (about 8 pounds lighter than she is right now). She was proud to say that she is currently at the same body measurements as she was in that picture, AND maintaining 5-10 pounds more lean muscle mass! Proving to herself that the number on the scale means nothing. (Oh and I love the emails she sends me about rocking out the heavy stone throws and feeling so much stronger in class!!! That’s what it is all about!)

Can’t wait to see where the rest of her journey takes her! Here she is above, rocking out some pushups- those triceps tho!!!!

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