Member Spotlight- Josie Clymer

Josie- you’re killing it girl!!

Josie was previously working with a personal trainer, but when the gym went out of business she needed to find a new spot.  She wanted to find something that still gave her that one-on-one attention and also keep pushing her to her goal of increasing her lean muscle mass.

Joining us in the late evening classes, she is her own pillar of motivation in the workouts. What does that mean? That means that she can push herself based on her own abiltiies regardless of the workout, or any other factors. That is not easy to do. She never lets herself take shortcuts in a workout, always pushing right til the end. 

She also sticks around until everyone has competed the workout to support them, to clean up equipment, do some mobility you name it. She even stuck it out to run the mile challenge a couple weeks ago when she was the only one who wanted to run the mile after the workout!!

The other coaches rave about her and she makes their job easy because she is so open to learning. Very coachable and just ready to work each time she walks into class. She never hesitates to ask questions to gain more knowledge of the movements and workout intensity. I hope to see her in one of my classes soon!!

Here she is above rocking out DB thrusters in a workout last week! Keep it up lady!

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