Member Spotlight- Julianne Schmitt

This gal…. OMG her drive in each class- on point! Game face (but with a smile of course!!)

Julianne tried out some classes while working for Lululemon (wooohooo!!) and then just kept coming back :)!! She dove head first into classes with a “I’m ready for anything, go get em” attitude. She’s fun to coach! 

Seriously, whether we give her relays, back squat or tire flips she’s going to give it her best effort. Always. I also love that she has the drive to work on some of her weaknesses just as much as continue to improve her strengths. Even though she is relatively new to our fit fam, we can already see big improvements in her overall strength and stamina. 

Julianne we are so glad you found us!! Continue to push- the best is yet to come! 

Here she is above, showing us how it’s done with split squats!!

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