Member Spotlight- Julie Powers

This lady… where do I even start?!? Her transformation has been amazing and it continues, which is the best part! She keeps going and going. Always getting stronger and working each day to perfect her meal planning and stay on track. Julie is an amazing person and a true testament to the word consistency. She is living proof to  what happens to someone who just decides… just makes that one decision to lead a healthier life and accomplish things they once thought they couldn’t. It takes baby steps. Stepping into the gym one day. Prepping some chicken on a Sunday. Grabbing a slightly heavier weight for a workout. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. Julie is showing us that!

Girl you look amazing and it is a pleasure every day to get to coach you in your journey. ROCK out those red pants!!!!!! (See video for more info on her accomplishments and those red pants LOL).

Below is a little Q&A with this week’s spotlight:

Why did you seek out Edge Body? I started my workout journey back in 2014 and I had a few setbacks but wouldn’t give up. It finally hit me when I broke my foot and sprained my ankle. Before this injury, my regular workout was jogging, so I needed something to take the place of it.  I also knew I needed more to help get myself stronger, I knew jogging could only do so much.

What was your first visit like? Did you have any reservations about coming in or joining? Why?  I actually fell on my first visit and thought I would never go back, but Missy was right there to help. She helped me laught it off and modify the movement.  It was a little overwhelming not sure what I was getting myself into. I was a little scared only because I thought I would be at a different fitness level than the other members. That was definitely not the case throughout the workout, there are always options for all levels. 

How would your describe the community? The coaches? The workouts? It really is a community and everyone gives you great feedback and they help when you need it.  Posting recipes of things they have made or providing helpful tips for what they have found to help.  Even just funny sayings to help you make it through a class with a smile. Whenever I feel like I can’t do something I know Missy or Joy will be there to say yes you can. Since I do more night classes those are the two I mostly workout with, but all the coaches are great and supportive!

What are some benefits that you have gotten since being a member? Physical? Mental?  Stronger for sure!! I have also gotten rid of half my wardrobe. I’ve lost close to 50 pounds and feel great. The way I see myself has changed, the way I handle stress has changed. I will say I have never regretted going to a workout, I have only regretted not going and missing one. 

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining? What helped you reach that goal? So many things have improved, so this is a hard one. Saturday’s class we had to do a knees to chest movement where we hang from the pullup bar. We had to do 12 at a time and I could actually do them ALL which had never happened before. If you would have seen me back when I started working out back in sept 2014, I think my kettlebell weight was 15, I can do a 44 pounder now .  I feel like every time I achieve more and can just do more. The muscles that I gave discovered OMG, they just shock me. The definition I have found, I still can’t get over,  I feel like I am just starting to scratch the surface and so much more to discover.  Whenever I am sore or something feels tight, the trainers help me to not miss a workout but to find ways for me to do what I can and not do more harm.  The whole team does this for anyone that has any kind of limitation. 

If someone is undecided about joining or apprehensive what would you tell them and why? I have people ask me what are you doing and I tell them boot camp. They give me a look, like really?? I always say Edge Body Bootcamp and I give the address :)! This is a great place and they really care about everyone and seeing people achieve their goals.  This really was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. 

Would you recommend edge body to others?  Yes I would say 100% YES. It’s not just about working out but so much more. The coaches give their time and offer so much more than just a workout. You can go to any mass gym but this really is so much more. You see places that offer only 8 or 12 week transformations… but I wanted to find a place that would help me transform and have it last a lifetime. Not just 12 weeks. That is what I found here at Edge. Something that keeps me coming back day after day, and something that keeps challenging me. 

What’s your favorite part about the gym? The way I feel when I get done, that feeling that OMG I just did that!!! Also I never know what that day is going to look like, they keep it fun and interesting. I also love that everyone is there to answer questions, whether the questions are about working out, nutrition, or anything. I know that Missy programs the workouts together to help all the muscle groups and to mix-up intensities so I don’t have to think about that part. Working out has turned into something that makes me happy, a passion maybe even! For the most part I workout 7 days a week now, sometimes even twice a day when I can. They still make me take my rest time though :).

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