Member Spotlight- Julie Slizinski

Julie rarely misses a class! Whether she’s getting up to make the 5am crew or getting in on the weekends, she is always there to put in the work. I hope she can see the benefits of her hard work as much as me and the other coaches can!

She is leaning out and getting stronger every day. (Those guns tho!!). I got to workout in the same class as Julie the other day and she gave me a run for my money on the air dyne bike. That particular workout was a lung burner and Julie never took a break. She went back and forth from that bike to squat jumps like it was nothing! I was out of breath myself, otherwise I would’ve had a grin on my face cause it was great to see how much progress she has made since joining with us. 

I see her pushing herself whether it’s adding another plate on the sled, or grabbing a bigger slam ball even when she’s unsure if she can make it through the workout. Julie is a great example of what can happen when you really make your lifestyle centered around movement and health. She is a busy mom, but still making time for herself. Love it!! 

Great job Julie! Keep killin it in the gym- can’t wait to see what you are conquering in the future! 

She’s pictured above doing some serious work on the sled and showing us what rockstar wall balls look like 🙂

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