Member Spotlight- Kari Mangan


This lady is so awesome!! I remember when she came in on her free trial- ready to lift some weights and get after it and was super sweet. 🙂

Kari has been making leaps and bounds since being apart of our fit fam for just a couple months. Here she is rocking out some knees to chest and sandbag cleans to her shoulder. She is constantly focusing on her form and asking questions when she needs to. Kari approaches each workout with dedication and focus and boy it is paying off for her. 

She recently went on a golfing trip with some friends and they ranted and raved about the length of her drives. I was so excited to hear this when she returned!! We could see the strenth gains she was making in class and I think this moment on the course, is when she could really see all her hard work paying off. So pumped for her! She also made sure to stay in touch with me as I checked in with her while she was gone. Kari planned things out and made sure to get in some at-home workouts from the blog so she wouldn’t take a complete break from the gym. 

Kari is so much fun in class and is always chatting it up with other members. Can’t say I’ve ever seen her without a smile on her face. Keep up all the hard work- you’re doing amazing girl!!



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