Member Spotlight- Kelly Raboin

Kelly- gah you’re awesome!!

Kelly has popped in to pretty much every class time we offer. Hitting up 7 am for a bit and then the later evening classes. And the verdict is- every coach agrees that she works her butt off each day!! Her she is above, killing leg day and below, rocking out pull-ups. 

She’s just fun!! And the nicest person ever haha. She comes into each workout with a great attitude and pushes right till the end. She came into Edge Body wanting to find a new home. I am so glad she came in that day, because a home is what she found. The coaches and I see her chattting to and encouraging other members all the time! 

Kelly continues to transform before our eyes. Look at those delts though!! 

Keep up all the work you’re doing. We are so proud of you girl!!! 


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