Member Spotlight- Kelsey Schuetze

Kelsey- this one is for you!!

Like so many others, Kelsey exercised occassionally, but it was never a way of life. She found herself walking into Edge Body to try something new in hopes that she would get and stay in shape. What Kelsey, didn’t realize is that she was about to transform her life. 

Getting in her daily workout is now apart of her routine. So much so, that if she has to miss a normal workout time, her whole day seems off. It has been amazing watching her strength gains in class! A couple months ago, I would see her challenging herself with the weight she selected for a workout and then seem discouraged if a workout was taking her longer. I would always go up to her and wisper, “You’re doing it right!”. Workouts should challenge you and push you to new places. Kelsey is living proof that sticking through some of those challenging days, gets you to somewhere you never thought you’d be. 

She is also kicking a$$ in the kitchen! She started nutrition coaching several months back and has learned how to fit her macros into her lifestyle. Still going out with friends, but keeping her health and her goals as her priority. (She also has a song when it is time for her blueberries during the day at work. Please someone ask her to sing it!! LOL).

Kelsey- we are so proud of you! It is inspirational to see someone making health changes that will be lifelong habits. You’re amazing and strong- never forget that!! But don’t just take my words for it, listen to her story for yourself… (watch above video).

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