Member Spotlight- Kendra Taylor

Kendra!! This one is for you!

Kendra usually comes to the noon class and puts in work! I had the pleasure of getting to know her even more while doing individual nutrition coaching with her. It was during this process that she truly transformed and found that choosing healthy foods and exercising is about self care and self love. Like many others, she had found success with watching her food and exercise a couple years ago, but would slide back into old habits and felt like she was often starting over again. It was this dedication that she brought with her to Edge. She was determined to keep going! I am so proud of the work she has put in day after day, and she continues to progress for all the right reasons!! AND she’s sharing her knowledge with her family to help keep others healthy too. 🙂

She has dropped 10 pounds in the last month of nutrition coaching and is getting stronger with each lift in class. I love her openness to try new things and new healthy foods. This is what’s leading her to her goals. Here she is, on the left, when she joined Edge and her most recent pick, on the right, we took last week (May 2018)!! (I think even caught a smirk from her in that recent photo lol)

So pumped for her future! BE PROUD of yourself girl!! Keep killin’ it! 

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