Member Spotlight- Kim Cook

Shout out to another committed, dedicated, and hard working human. Kim has spent the last 12 weeks mastering her nutrition all while training for MULTIPLE half marathons. Kim has proven that transformations not only happen physically but mentally as well. 


Kim had the exercise routine down, but was ready to conquer her nutrition. AND she is hitting her protein macro’s living a vegetarian lifestyle. This stuff works! Just have to find a way to make it fir your lifestyle. Kim has done just that. She is such a hard worker both in class and in her dedication to running. Always trying to better herself. It has been awesome to watch her progression. She battled with some injuries from running early on when joining and has come back even stronger. Such a good role model for her daughter!! 🙂

Here she is pictured before and after her 12-week individual nutrition coaching program. Down 7.5lbs and 5.25 total inches off her body!! 

Keep rocking it, Kim!

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