Member Spotlight- Kirby Simmering

THIS dude!!!! Where to start. Kirby kills class and absolutely killed nutrition coaching.

He pays close attention to his technique and form at all times and it has definitely shown in his strength gains. Kirby is always smiling in class (or seems to be lol) and quietly working hard no matter what we throw at him. 

Over the course of group nutrition coaching he leaned out, lost 7 lbs. AND lost a total of 10 inches across his entire body!! TALK about a huge improvement in body composition and lean muscle mass!! The best part? All of this happened along with improved performance in the workouts and while still enjoying the holidays and date nights!

It was so awesome getting to work with him, cause he always showed up and was ready to learn. We love having you a part of our fit fam!! Kirby keep working hard….you’ve earned this one man!!!

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