Member Spotlight- Kristine Swanson

Kristine this is your week!!

Not only is this lady an amazing athlete, but she’s super fun to be around!! Always has a smile on her face and it’s crazy to think she’s only been with us for a few months. I swear it feels like we’ve known her forever! Super friendly to the other members and 8:30am is known for friendly competition that occurs in class. (They all like to push each other and hold everyone accountable to make sure they are lifting what they should be. lol. As are many of the classes!) She fit right into this- it’s been fun to watch. 

I know I talk about work ethic in spotlights all the time, but man does she give it everything she has. Look at those guns in the photo above! Krisitne is always ready to learn from all the coaches AND implement the cues and recommendations. She did just that this week and hit a bench PR. I was so pumped to hear this!!! Can’t wait to see her strenth gains in 2018. 

I don’t always get to coach her, but I can look out at any time during the mid morning and she is putting in work. 🙂 She has continued to get leaner since joining and she is truly a testiment to what strength training can do for someone. Girl you look amazing!

Kristine you deserve this one!! Never stop being you!!


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