Member Spotlight- Kyle Erb

Amazing story. Amazing transformation. Amazing person!

Kyle took a chance on his health, scheduled his free trial and walked through the door. However, that wasn’t as easy as it sounds. He had thought about coming in several times before that, even making it into the parking lot, but had never taking that first step. Like so many other people, he was nervous about starting an exercise program. Could he do it? Could he exercise with other people? At first he wasn’t so sure.

Then he walked in for his free trial. I was finsihing up a trial and Kyle had arrived a little early. Zoe was here with me on that Saturday morning so I asked her to get him started. I still remember hearing him tell her that his goals were to lose 50-100 pounds. I couldn’t wait for him to get started and Zoe felt the same way.

You can find him rocking out the workouts with his 7:30pm crew! At the time of the above video he had reached his first goal of 50 pounds lost AND conquering the 30″ box jump!! Talk about progress!!! He made sure to come to our meal prep seminar to jump start his nutrition change shortly after joining as well. He skipped box seats to a Cardinals game for this! As a die hard baseball fan- I about cried. That’s when I knew this guy would accomplish anything. You could see the determination in his eyes. Currently he is down more than 60 pounds and living a healthly lifestyle with his new outlook on exercise and food. This guy is a gem and we could not be more proud of him!

Watch the video for his account of the journey he’s taken.​

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