Member Spotlight- Kyle Schoonover

KYLE!!!! This guy is a beast in the gym AND he loves baseball. So naturally we get along hahaha…

Every time one of the coaches looks over at Kyle during a workout he is hauling a** and minimizing rest time, even when you can tell he desperately wants it. (Just take a look at his game face in these pics!!!). 

He has continued to lean up since joining and improved not only his lifting technique, but has gotten some gains in the strength department. He’s fun and jokes around with the other members in his class and it’s rare that we don’t see him in the gym. A definite staple of the 5:30pm class. (aka Bro-30). As I said before, he is always up for some baseball chat and hanging out with members and coaches before class. 

One of my favorite things about Kyle is that he will always be checking in with the coaches to make sure he is selecting the right weights for the workout. Making sure he is working out at the right intensity for what we are focusing on that day. 

Kyle you rock!!! We love having you at the gym- keep kick a** in class!


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