Member Spotlight- Lea Deloa

Long overdue doesn’t even cut it. Love this lady and she deserves every bit of this shout-out!

Lea and I have spent some quality time together. Mostly because she joined right when we opened and was the only one to come to some of the evening classes. So she definitely enjoyed some “personal training” at the beginning LOL. She is awesome to chat with, hang out with and coach! Even if she’s stressed from work or life, she puts it into her workouts. 

One of the best things about Lea is she doesn’t give up. She had been at a weight loss plateau for a while and was dilligent enough to keep fine tuning things to see what the problem was. Like many people, Lea would often get bored with so called “healthy lunches” or food options and not sure where to turn when meal planning got old. 

At the start of the year she was ready to stick with a new plan and start some nutrition coaching. I could not be more proud of her efforts!! She has lost 5 pounds in her first couple weeks and getting better at balancing out her meals to meet her macros. When she gets sick of a food item, she is able to swap it for something else that still keeps her moving towards her goals. It was also awesome to hear that some of her “cheat” meals, were not really cheats at all. She found herself still wanting to make healthy options even when eating out. 

I have enjoyed getting to know her well and she let me exploit her day job by allowing me to ask question after question about baby Sawyer in those first couple months. (Crazy new mom sorry!!) Love having her as a member and as a friend. Can’t wait to see her continued progress with her nutrition dialed in!! You rock lady!!!! 

Above she is kicking a** in class! (she also hated getting her pic taken so I tried to be stealth….)


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