Member Spotlight- Lee Winchester

Can’t say enough about this guy! Lee normally joins us at the 5am class, but will pop into other classes if needed to make sure he squeezes in his workout. 

Lee has made so many strength improvements since joining with us. Couple weeks ago he was rocking out 30″ box jumps and pushing through heavy farmer’s carries with his relay group. Then in the past couple weeks the coaches and I would hear him say, “I’m not sure I can do that” on strength days. Then we would turn around and he’d be doing it! Challenging himself to much heavier weight  than he thought he could do. That’s what is so awesome about him! Even when unsure, he doesn’t shy away from a challenge. 

I still remember the first week Lee was in class. Probably thinking to himself that he had never been so sore in his entire life. He kept pushing through, hopefully listening to me and the other coaches when we said that the first couple week’s of a new exercise routine are always the worst. 

Love seeing his hard work pay off! Not only is he stronger, but his form and technique have improved over the last year and he seems more confident with everything we do in class. Lee has a great attitude during the workouts- having the outlook that you know it’s going to be hard, but your ready to give it a go anyway. Just one of the reason’s he’s so fun to coach! 

Such a great dude! Lee we are so happy you are apart of our fit family. Never stop pushing yourself!!

Here he is above rocking out some DB thrusters in the early morning class. 

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