Member Spotlight- Leighanne Loges & Kaitlynn Guzman

This one goes out to our mommas to be!! Our coaches are so proud of how much they have accomplished- it has been awesome getting a chance to coach them before AND during pregnancy. 

These amazing ladies have been kicking butt in the gym for quite some time now AND they have been doing it all with a “workout buddy”. 

Leighanne normally comes during the day classes and in her own words, is in better shape during this pregnancy than she ever has been in her life. It has been inspirational seeing her show up day after day to be healthy not only for herself, but her baby as well. 🙂 She keeps pushing through the end of each workout, taking breaks when she needs to, even if she is the last one finishing up. She never skimps out on reps and simply modifies the exercises as needed to accomodate that growing belly bump. Watching her exercise transformation has been amazing!! AND I love that she is always asking questions when needed to make sure she is doing what she needs to for the health of her little one. 

I had the pleasure of coaching Kaitlynn even before she joined Edge. So it was exciting to get a chance to work with her again. She usually joins us in the evening classes. Her work ethic has never waivered even after she found out she was expecting. She is rocking out the workouts and always coming to class with a positive attitude. Knowing she may need to modify here and there, but always willing to do what she needs to in order to get a great workout in for her and her baby. 🙂 What’s even more awesome- this gal is still pushing through weights that challenge her in the workouts!! Look at that squat form!!!

These ladies are proof that exercise during a healthy pregnancy doesn’t have to be scary and that an exercising mom can continue to be active throughout the nine months. You both look amazing with cute baby bumps (and I know you may not believe me- trust me it was hard for me to hear the same thing last year, but seriously you both are too cute!!). They have rocked out healthy weight gain for their little babes and continue to stay strong for their due date and the future. Can’t wait to see your progress in the future. 

AND we cannot wait to see their little faces!!!!  Best of luck as the due date nears. You ladies are truly super women!!

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