Member Spotlight- Lydia Zaragosa


This lady is an absolute machine! Even on the bikes!!! (She may not like the bikes like everyone else but she still rocks it.)

Lydia is constantly pushing herself to new limits and we can honestly say we don’t think we’ve ever seen her not give her all in a workout. She has an engine and she never fails to surprise the coaches with what she’s capable of in the workouts. Always challenging herself with weight selection and truly listens to the coaching cues so she can get the most out of the workouts. Just look at that work ethic on her face on that bike!!!! 🙂

Girl, we love having you in class and you are soooo much fun to coach! We hope you can see your continued progress and just how much of a beast you are!! Keep killing it and keep pushing yourself to new heights. Sooo proud of you!

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