Member Spotlight- Matt Bowes

This dude is a machine and works his butt off. Seriously…always and every day. Matt this one is for you!

Each workout he is constantly pushing himself weight wise and trying to get as much work in the amount of time as possible. He is a great example of what it means to constantly keep progressing, even after you have achieved a great level of fitness. Yes, Matt is in great shape, but he isn’t afraid of making a workout challenging by selecting the correct weights or by minimizing his rest time, That can be the most difficult thing- to keep progressing even though you’re already strong. (After all those 80lb KB’s look daunting sitting there. It’s not easy for anyone to want to grab those lol). 

Matt is always ready to put in some extra work after class too. One of my favorite things about coaching Matt, is that he will always look like he has “worked out” after each and every class. He may be a jokester, but this lets me know that he’s listening to me and the other coaches when we explain intensity for a workout. Workouts, even the tough ones, are what you put in them. He is always working at the pace he should be based on the type of workout. That is not an easy thing to do. He may disagree with us, or he’s great at faking it, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him really take it easy on a workout. He is always sure to ask what muscle groups or exercises he will be missing when he has to be at the firehouse. That way he can add similar things into his workouts there so he’s ready to come back to class on his days off. 

Above are some shots of Matt pushing it in class. (and a fun picture of him protecting his leg hair because well…we give Matt crap cause we can! hahaha)

Keep it up Matt!!! Always fun having you in class. 

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