Member Spotlight- Megan Kobza

Megan!!!! OMG girl!! This one is for you!

Megan started on 3-days per week with us and quickly realized she was hooked and bumped up to unlimited. Here she is rocking out goblet squats and box jumps!!

She usually joins us every day at the 4:30pm class, always with a smile and ready to put in some work. It has been so fun to coach her each day and see the progress she is making. I mean seriously… I was looking at her the other day thinking back to that girl who sign-ed up for 3-days a week, wondering if she would even come in that much. She is killing the workouts and strong doesn’t even do her justice. 🙂

Megan I hope you have seen the progress that we as coaches have seen! She is putting in the effort on her form and technique and grabbing heavier weights each chance she gets (even when it’s humid out and she’s thinking there is no way she can get through it LOL). I think all of us have that thought from time to time.

I also see her encouraging other members in team and partner workouts. She always walks right up to people to introduce herself. Great part of our community!

Megan keep rockin it out girl!! Can’t wait to see what else is in store for you during your health & fitness journey. You make the coaches smile!


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