Member Spotlight- Melanie Auxier

She’s totally going to kill me, but I had to post!!

Melanie has been rocking it out her first month at the gym and has had the best trait of all, patience. A lot of the exercises we do in class, people have never done before. In fact, the majority of members will learn something completely new to them at some point in their journey with us at Edge. This can be frustrating at times, if you feel like a beginer all over again. BUT that’s when we really grow!

This lady is testament to pushing through. She’s open to learning and never stops trying. Here she is rocking out her turkish getups, for the first time!! Even though she’ll tell you she only got the hang of it on her second to last one of the day, all I saw was determination and hard work. 🙂 So proud of this lady!!

Melanie- keep up your hard work, it’s been great seeing the progress you’ve already started to make in class. The future holds great things for you!!

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