Member Spotlight- Mollie DiRico

 Mollie! Never stop being you! This girl’s energy is amazing and so this shout-out is a long time coming.

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever not seen her smile in class. (Maybe she’s not always smiling through burpees LOL, but she at least smiles the majority of the time!) She’s super friendly and will go up and talk to anyone in class.

Mollie is always working hard, even when the choice is left up to her. She is always selecting the heavier weight if she’s unsure which one to do and is often picking exercises she needs work on in order to better herself. Even when something is challenging for her, she listens to the coaches and pushes through even when it can be frustrating. But by doing this, she continues to conquer exercises like box jumps! Plus- look at her rocking out knees to chest and L-sits!

Keep it up girl!! Just keep showing up and pushing through one day at a time. We luv ya Mollie!

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