Member Spotlight- Nancy DeSantiago

NANCY!!! This gal is a beast!!! Nancy works her tail off in class and is so much stronger than I think she realizes. She rocked out a weighted pull-up with 10 pounds on max pull-up day. (She didn’t even think she could do one bodyweight and then does this!) We are so proud of her and her progress.

She started with us several months back and hit the ground running. Nancy is small but mighty!! I am amazed by her improvements each week and often see her just crushing the workouts, especially the cardio days! Man does she have an engine- she just goes and goes!!! Here she is rocking out box jumps and renegade rows. 

She always has a smile on her face and leaves class giving it everything she had. Keep it up girl- your continued progress both in cardio and strength is an inspiration! This shout-out is much deserved!!

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