Member Spotlight- Nanette Varley

Nanette!! This lady!! (and I love saying her name… hahahah I just do!)

We all know that conquering new things or stepping out of our comfort zone is where the magic happens. But even knowing this, it still can be hard to try new things or push ourselves to new limits. Welcome to outside of your comfort zone Nanette- you’re killing it!!!! 🙂

She joins us at the 4:30 class and has had a go-getter attitude since her first day. She often gives me a look like, “are you sure I can do that?”, to which I always reply YES! Even with things she is unsure of, I turn around and there she is going for it. This is one of my favorite things about coahcing her- she at least attempts everything once. You will never know if you don’t try and Nanette is a great example of this. She is starting to learn her own strength and not to doubt her physical abilities. 

By simply trying, she is finding the right weight selections for herself and getting a good starting off point of what her current level of strength is. Now that she knows these things she has set herself up to keep progressing in the future. Nanette, I hope you can see just how much you are able to do in class and will continue to do in the future. You are not “wimpy” (as she likes to say) and continue to impress me every day in class. I love seeing your confidence in class improve with each movement you try and experience. Such a great example that strength and conditioning workouts are made for ANYONE!! Keep rockin it lady!

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