Member Spotlight- Nicole Brown

This busy mom was wanting to get stronger and improve some symptoms she was having with sciatica. July was her first month and she hasn’t looked back since. So as you can see it didn’t take much time at all for her to start making big strides in class and get the coach’s attention. 🙂

The key to her early-on success has been her consistency. The coaches said they are more surprised when they don’t see Nicole… which is a great thing!  In the last 30 days, Nicole has made it to class 20 times. Which is great because the first couple weeks/months are often the hardest when establishing a new workout routine. But especially in the beginning, consistency is key to form new habits and making progress. 

Nicole is already grabbing heavier weights in class and form/technique continues to improve with each and every workout. It is so awesome to see someone go full force towards their goal. She even told Joy the other day how much better her sciatic nerve pain is getting. This is huge progress for anyone who has ever experienced this or any other nagging lower back/nerve issue. Her efforts are there to push through the workout, but also to master good form which is helping her nagging injury. 

You can find her rocking out the workouts in the early morning classes. So I don’t always get to see her in class, but it’s been exciting to hear my coaches chat her up!! Great job Nicole!!! Keep up the great progress :), love having you a part of the gym. 

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