Member Spotlight- Niki Pearson


Joining us after a back injury sidelined her for a bit, Niki knew she needed to take it slow at first, but wanted to be challenged. She listens to all the coaches and does appropriate modifications when needed to safely progress her way back into workout intensities she was doing before her injury occurred. I am so glad she found us when she did, because she has instantly clicked with the coaches, the other members and the overall process!! 

She works hard in every class right up until that last second on the clock. AND listens. She pushes it when she can and also knows when to pull back if she needs to, staying smart about her workouts and post-injury journey. OH and this gal messaged me the other day worried that she didn’t put all her equipment away after class. LOL. Always making sure she is helping out… Love her!!!

It has been wonderful getting to know her in class and I am so excited for her fitness journey with us. Can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for her both exercise and nutrition coachng wise. Keep up the great work Niki!!! You can find her rocking out the workouts (as pictured above) usually during 8:30 am class. 

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