Member Spotlight- Nikki Rother

This rock star mom has transformed before our very eyes! Nikki- we are so pumped to be able to coach you on your journey. 

Nikki was an athlete her whole life, always training and competing. After a career ending injury sidelined her, she was finding it harder and harder to stick with an exercise routine. 

She joined Edge Body back in January knowing she wanted to make a change, and was hoping that she could find something that would keep her motivated to stick with it. Like many newcomers, she was intimidated at first, but knew that she would never know if she could be successful if she didn’t at least TRY. TRY became her new motto. If the workout looked difficult and she thought there was no way she’d make, she was at least going to try. Try she did!! It has been an awesome road, that began with showing up on the first day to simple “try” something new.

Nikki has made so much progress on her strength and performance in the gym. Now rocking out exercises that she once believed she wouldn’t be able to do. She has also lost an amazing 15 pounds during the first 9 weeks of her 12 week individual nutrition coaching program. Why has she had success? Nikki is there each day, putting in the work in the gym.Not just going through the motions with a workout, but actually competting with herself. Once that was conquered, she started to put just as much effort on her foor. Finding ways to fit healthy eating into her lifestyle. 

We are so proud of you girl!!! Never stop pushing, we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 holds for you! Watch the above video for more of the story, straight from Nikki herself.

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