Member Spotlight- Rae Doyle

This one goes to Rae!! (She eluded the camera during workouts haha)

October’s  theme this year is overcoming obstacles and this couldn’t be a more perfect time to give a shout-out to Rae! She is killing the workouts, making time for herself each day and getting to class even when life events pop-up.

She joined the gym in the Spring and started nutrition coaching back in July. Rae has also made HUGE progress in nutrition coaching and lost 10 pounds in the first 7 weeks. Life threw some curve balls at her since we’ve been working together, but she is remaining strong and composed.  💓 💓💓💪🏻💪🏻 💪🏻 Showing us all what it means to continue to push through adversity and put her own health towards the top of her list so she can continue to care for those close to her. Rae you’re such an inspiration!!!

Rae- I have loved working with you! Keep crushing it!! The evening classes wouldn’t be the same without you 🙂

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