Member Spotlight- Randy Blum

Randy- where do I even start!!!!

He joined the gym a mere 2 months ago and was nervous to say the least. Randy had not been exercising, but had made the decision to be healthier. He wanted to feel better and have more energy. He recently became a grandpa to 2 beautiful babes last year and one more is on the way- so I am sure that also had something to do with it :). Randy was also coming in with some injury limitations, an old shoulder injury that likely wasn’t rehabbed back when it should have been. I think he asked me several times, “are you sure I can do this?”

In his first week he completed hill sprints after one of the workouts and laughed that he didn’t think he’d ever done those in his life. Just one of many firsts for him since joining the gym. We’ve really been working on his squat form since day 1 and just last night he was able to squat 105 with great range of motion!! Seeing his expression after he did it was honestly the best part!

Randy is always willing to try. That’s the point. So many are in a similar situation. Maybe you haven’t exercised in the last few months, the last year or maybe even ever. And that’s ok. Doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, but when you’re ready to make a change all you have to do is show up and try. You never know what you may be capable of until you try. 

I am so proud of everything he has accomplished in the past couple months and can’t wait to see his future goals smashed. He works hard, listens to coaching cues, wants to learn and modifies when needed in each and every workout. Here he is gritting his teeth fighting through some KB swings and goblet squats. So so proud to be his coach AND so happy to see his confidence increase with each day he walks into the gym. Keep
pushing forward you got this Randy!!!


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