Member Spotlight- Rebecca Ziegler Riepl


I am so proud of this lady! She came in 3 months ago to our grand opening workout looking for a place for her daughter to train at for sports enhancement. She ended up finding a home for herself as well. 

She was nervous and a little intimidated by strength training on her first day, but she was NEVER afraid to ask questions or ask for help. I love how she is willing to learn and welcomes feedback. In fact, she went the extra mile and wanted to make sure she attended all of the movement tip seminars we offered since she joined, but had some bad luck with timing because they didn’t fit her schedule. So she invested in a personal training session to really dig into what she was uncomfortable with and learn form/technique tips for the movements that she was most intimidated by.  Here she is rocking out improvements in her plank form and core strength during that session!

I love that she pushed her “fears” aside and was eager to do whatever it took to feel more confident when stepping into the gym. Rebecca- your hard work is paying off and you have an amazing spirit about you! Keep it up! You’re doing awesome!!!

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