Member Spotlight- Rosemary Willis

Quiet, but mighty!!

Rosemary joined us a couple months back and is seriously the nicest person. She came in wanting to get healthier and hit the ground running. She’s just one of those people in class that is quietly showing you what she can do. She listens, challenges herself and everytime we turn around she is doing something she wasn’t able to do the last week. Here she is rocking out 20″ box jumps!!

She’s strong and I don’t think I’ve ever heard her complain once. Seriously!! Even when it’s fun for everyone to joke about how challenging the workout can be, there’s Rosemary over there just doing the work! 🙂 

Someone came in for their trial and pointed to the class and said, “Well, what if I can’t do what they are all doing, they look advanced.” I smiled because Rosemary was in the group she pointed to and I was so excited to say, “Well actually, that girl over there is somewhat new as well, I promise you’ll get there!”. Rosemary is truly a role model, showing that starting something new, while yes can be scary, is accomplishable if all you do is show up and try! She is progressing each day- it’s pretty cool to watch!

Keep it up girl- we see you!! AND that work ethic!!!

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