Member Spotlight- Sara Palmer

Talk about a powerhouse! This girl is all about putting work in. Sara P. this one’s for you!!

Every week she is improving her lifting technique and challenging herself to new weights. Example: here she is rocking out some L sits and showing us awesome full range of motion during ball slams. 

Why do many of us come to class? Because it can be extremely hard to make ourselves workout at a high intensity. I mean who wants to do 80 burpees alone? (or ever hahaha) Sara is one of those people though that you can see the drive in their eyes during the workout. They take the guidance and motivation from the class atmosphere and really push themselves that one step further. It’s almost as if you can envision the conversation she’s having with herself during a workout. The coaches and I are thinking it has to be something like, “30 seconds left I can finish this!” or “Come on, 5 more reps keep going!” Whether she is actually saying those things to herself or not, she sure is acting the part. Always pushing herself for that one last rep before the clock runs out. 

It is also awesome to see her flagging one of us down to make sure she is moving well or doing lifts properly. Really making sure she understands the movement cues we give. Love that about her! 

It has been a pleasure to be apart of her strength transformation since she became a member with us. Even though Sara came to us in good shape to start with, it’s cool to see her conquering new things every week. Enjoy this spotlight girl; just wanting you know that we all notice your hard work and you’re a blast to coach!!! Never stop pushing!!

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