Member Spotlight- Simone Kennedy

Simone, this one is for you!!!

This lady could’ve had a shout-out at any time! She has such a bubbly personality (as you can tell in that running pic LOL) and a passion for all things fitness. 

If it’s something active, you can bet Simone will be involved. LOVE that about her! OH and she’s fun too 🙂 

She is a cardio machine and just continues rep after rep after rep. Edge Body’s own energizer bunny!! We’ve been working on her with lifting heavier weights and she is getting stronger and stronger. Now moving those heavy weights just as fast as she was moving when she started almost a year ago!! Crazy how time flies!

Simone is also super supportive of her friends and getting them involved in exercise. She encourages everyone in the workouts and is constantly referring people to Edge!! 

Keep up the hard work lady!! You’re a lean machine 🙂

du bist unglaublich!! 
(My German is awful so hopefully this translates LOL)


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