Member Spotlight- Stephanie Svajgl

What a couple of weeks Stephanie has had!! She was able to conquer renegade rows for the first time, doing them in full range of motion for an entire workout AND rocking out some turkish get-ups. Oh and she’s been making it in to class 5 days a week. But before I go any further, let’s start back at the beginning…

I remember the first time Stephanie walked into the door at Edge Body. She was scheduled for her free trial and had an appointment with me. In her words, our session quickly became like a therapy session as we talked about her goals and why adding exercise had been difficult before. Like so many of us, the answers to these questions are not easy and she didn’t love to workout. Sometimes workouts are rough to get through. Sometimes trying something new is terrifying. Sometimes we are just looking for a friendly face to say, “We will help you through this”. 

So a few tears and a big hug later Stephanie joined, putting her trust in us as coaches. I am so proud of her and how far she has come. She took our advice and modified things and took extra rest breaks when needed early on in her journey. Always pushing through and doing what she could. Erin helped keep her motivated at 8:30 class and she kept trying those exercises that were too difficult on day 1. 

I was so happy to get to be apart of her large milestones this past week. I heard her shriek with excitement as she completed her first renegade rows. She said even her husband knew it was a big deal because in his words, “Thats all I’ve heard you complain about over the last several months.” Hahahahaha.

It has been awesome to see her grow at the gym, she is more confident and strong- and boy does it show. Stephanie always keeps us laughing with a sarcastic comment about the workout, but she puts her head down and gives it all she has. We are so proud of you girl and everything you have accomplished!! Never stop working towards your goals! I am so glad that you came in that day 🙂

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