Member Spotlight- Tami Phillips

Alright guys…this is what hard work looks like. 

Tami’s transformation both physical and mental is amazing! 

She was an athlete her whole life, but late in her twenties she found little time for working out as her schedule was filled up with work and hanging out with friends. So she found herself lacking energy and not the healthiest version of herself. She decided that she wanted to pursue her life goal of trying out for the police department and that she needed to put herself and her health first to reach that goal.

Tami knew that day one, week one even month one was going to be a challenge. But she was ready to go for it. Now, she’s upset if she can’t make the gym for even 1 day. She talks about how she never wants “to go back” to the way she was feeling before after accomplishing what she has. I grew up playing ball with Tami and can honestly say I don’t think she has ever been so strong and looked so lean!! Pushing away the stereotype that fitness decreases with age. This girl just keeps getting more and more in shape. It’s been awesome to witness. 

I can’t say enough about how awesome this person is and about the work she puts in each and every class she makes it to. PLUS she became just as dedicated to her food and she was to hitting the weights. She has continued to crush her PT tests with the police department and can’t wait to see her hit her overall goal. Here she is above running in the Kerrie Orozco 5k and the Warrior Dash this past summer. Below you can see just how far she has come in her weight loss transformation. 

Tami you deserve this and I hope you are as proud of yourself as the coaches and I are of you!!

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