Member Spotlight- Tiffany Page


I took this pic to show her how great her arms were looking!

Tiffany joined wanting to add more exercise into her routine, but was super nervous to start strength training. I remember her walking in and her eyes lit up and she was thinking, “barbells? what am I suppose to do with those?”. The point is that yes she was nervous, and a bit intimidated to try something new, but the important thing is that she still tried! I look at her in class now and she is booming with confidence and increased strength. You’d never guess that she once contemplated whether or not she could make it through a workout. 

My favorite transformation?? She has learned to fuel her body for the workouts and is building lean muscle mass and losing body fat while NOT paying attention to the scale. Her shift has been mindset all the way. I am so proud of what she continues to accomplish, and it all started with her getting over her fear and walking into the building. 

Tiffany’s husand, Tim, rocks out the morning classes. They may not always workout together so they can watch or pick-up their kids, but they are loving what this new routine has done for the health of their entire family. 

Never quit girl- you rock!

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