Member Spotlight- Tom Walker

Tom! You crack us up and we love you! 

Notice his celebratory hands in the the run photo :). 

Tom may be quiet, but man does this guy work hard. Plus he has pretty awesome form in all of the movements. He was and is an avid runner and joined Edge to conitnue to get more strength training into his routine. He gets stronger and stronger each day and continues to kick ass on those stop sign runs!! (Seriously how does he do that?? haha)

Even though Tom is quiet, he is hilarious. He will surprise you with a joke or comment when you aren’t ready for it making it that much funnier. AND he dominated all the kids in an epic game of giant jenga at the holiday party. He’s just a great guy to have around and we love having him in class!

It’s been great to watch his continued progress since joining. You’re awesome dude- keep pushing!

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