Member Spotlight- Tonja Karren

This lady!!

Tonja is just one of those members that shows up, puts her head down and puts in the work! Oh don’t worry, she smiles too and is hilarious!!! She has an amazing work ethic and great attitude towards making progress. 

I cannot tell you how proud we are of this lady and what’s she’s accomplished in the year since she joined. Transformation is an understatement. She didn’t weigh often, or constantly get her measurements taken. Tonja knew showing up to the gym and staying consistent was how she was going to get there and not letting the scale dictate whether or not she stuck with it.

AND it paid off- she trusted the process! She has lost an amazing 12 1/2 inches off her entire body and her strength numbers have shot through the roof! Seriously you need to see her squat!!!!

Tonja you’re awesome and we love having you! Can’t wait to see what other goals you smash!

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