Member Spotlight- Veronica Amaya

Everyone meet Veronica! Man does this girl deserve a shout out…

I have had the privilege of coaching her and working out along side her when I pop into the 8:30 class. Her smile is infectious, as is the work she puts in. She is new to our fit fam and I can’t wait to see her crush her goals.

I remember seeing her walk in the day of her free trial. She came in with her friend and seemed a bit nervous at the start. Seeing her in class you would never know that! She is open to everything the coaches say and does each exercise to the best of her ability. Veronica is there putting in the effort right up until that last rep is completed. Even if something is new to her or she is struggling with a movement. I never see her give up.

Veronica I hope you know how hard you’re working and how proud of you we are. Your efforts are not going unnoticed. 🙂 So happy that you’ve picked us to be right there with you on your health journey!!

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