Member Spotlight- Yvette Green

SO proud of this lady!! Yvette this one is for you!!

Back when she first started, I would see her set mini goals on Facebook for herself on how many times she would make it into the gym. Three days, then 5 days then several weeks. Pushing herself to stay accountable to get in her workouts, when getting in is often the hardest part for most people. 

She would also ask questions when she needed to about nutrition and creative ways to get more protein in. Yvette has truly stayed the course through life events popping up, vacations etc. and keeps coming back in day after day to move. Everyone has frustrations along the way with progress, weight loss, strength etc. But she hasn’t given up. AND she looks amazing!! We are so excited to see her reaping the benefits of her hard work and dedication to trust the process. 

Love seeing her rock out new tank tops and workout pants. 🙂 As pictured above!

I knew her personally for a couple years before she joined, so I could see all the progress she has made. BUT it’s so awesome to hear the other coaches bring her up as well, as they can also see the hard work she is putting in and her continued transformation. Keep on going Yvette!!!! We are so proud of you. 

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