Member(s) Spotlight- Brad & Mandy Bell

Brad and Mandy!! Where do I even start…

These two are amazing people and have fit right into our community at Edge! They have both worked so hard and have underwent a huge transformation, both mind and bod,y since joining. We cannot imagine class without them. 🙂 They are such great examples that you just have to start. Just have to take that first step, even if it is intimidating, and just try. You will be amazed and what you can accomplish. I hope these two are amazed with what they have accomplished in less than a year with us!

I am so proud of how much effort that have put into class and in their nutrition. Can’t wait to see what their future has in store. Don’t take my word for it though- check out their video above and learn more about their journey to better health! Thanks for letting us be apart of it guys!!

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