Member(s) Spotlight- Bre Ferris & Jessica Schieffer

These ladies!! They didn’t know each other before joining, but have formed a bond of support and some friendly workout competition as well. 🙂

Bre and Jess worked their A**es off. There I said it haha. You can look over at any point and they are always trying to move, even when they are working on a movement that they previously struggled with. Pushing to finish that last rep or moving until the timer beeps. I loved hearing them tell their story and it’s been so awesome to see their strength/fitness progress in the gym. I hope they can see just how much they’ve grown, because we sure can. 

Their laughter and support for eachother and the rest of the noon class is infectious. (As you can see in the video, they are super serious all the time LOL). These gals give you just a little insite into the fun we have at Edge Body during the day! So next time you have the day off, or need a workout lunch break, come rock out a class with these ladies and the rest of the nooners!! 

Bre and Jess- you guys are amazing! Listen to the video above for their full story and get some laughs in too!!!!!

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