Member(s) Spotlight- Carol O’Brien

This is Carol. And look at those guns!! 

I am beyond proud of this lady and what she has worked to overcome!!! The mental game can often be much more challenging than the physical. It is hard to navigate health when there is so much conflicting info out there. Eat less, move more, eat this, don’t do that etc. It can be especially tough when we are also battling with our own body image issues. This makes it difficult to believe in the process and stay the course. I made a promise to Carol, that we would never lead her a stray and that all she needed to do was trust. Beth was there to witness our “handshake”. 🙂 

She is trusting the process and creating a whole new and healthy relationship with food and exercise. Carol you’re inspiring and I hope you can see what we all see. A strong, fit lady ready to conquer anything she sets her mind too. Giving her body a little more rest AND eating MORE food, she was able to start gaining the muscle mass she was looking for and losing body fat. Also getting more stamina in the workouts. 

Carol we 💗 you!! (And I know you don’t believe me, but yes you have guns!!!!) Keep going- you got this!!!

Here she is pictured above rocking out the Murph workout!!!

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