Member(s) Spotlight- Carrie & Lauren Hedin

Lauren & Carrie!

I remember taking this mother daughter duo through their free trial. They were wanting to find a routine and a new challenge they could do together. Both a little nervous about whether or not they could do the workouts. I assured them that everyone has a starting off point and that they would do great- all they had to do was try. 

Try they did! These ladies have come so far and have blown me, and the coaches, away with their efforts in class. (Even though Lauren still gives me dirty looks after some workouts LOL). They have lost inches and form on even the more difficult lifts has improved by leaps and bounds. Look at them rocking out barbell lunges!! I can’t wait to see their continued progress- love having them in class!

Ladies you’ve earned this one! Keep fine tuning your nutrition and working on that fitness!  

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