Member(s) Spotlight: Jillian Young, Chi Riley & Jen Holzapfel

These ladies!!! Can’t say enough…. but I will try. 

Stepping into the gym can be intimidating for females, especially one that places a barbell in their hand. There are so many stereotypes that add to this; “strength training will just add bulk”, “if you want to lose weight than you better ditch the dumbbells”. These things couldn’t be farther from the truth. For both men and women, strength
training is ESSENTIAL for promoting weight loss, improving strength & body composition, and building lean muscle mass (which guess what??? Is what “getting toned” really is!!).

These stereotypes escalate when a female then becomes pregnant. Truth is, if a woman has exercised prior to pregnancy and she has no at-risk issues, then she can safely participate in exercise right up to her due date. It is not only beneficial for her health, but also the baby’s.

These 3 ladies are an amazing example of what great accomplishments can be made before, during (and after!!) pregnancy. They came in with very different goals and some of those goals had to shift a bit when they found out the news, but their work ethic never wavered. I am so proud to be their coach and hope that they are proud of themselves. Because they were the ones that put in the work!!

These strong moms are Rockstars!! Inspiring us all each and every workout. Some days weren’t easy, but you all didn’t give up. My words could never fully do them justice, so listen to their journey from them by watching the above video. Such great role models for their kids!! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Edge Body welcomes baby girls, Avery (Jillian) and Milo (Chi), born shortly after this video was taken. Jen is next with just over a month to go!!


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