Member(s) Spotlight- Lauren Engley

Lauren this one is for you!!

This gal is a silent force! She may not be the loudest member in class, but she is definitely leading by example. 🙂 Everytime I see her, she’s challenging herself with the weight she picks AND has a big smile on her face. Here she is rocking out heavy kb swings! (#leggoals)

I don’t usually get to coach her in class, as she comes to later evening classes, but when I have had her I don’t think I’ve ever heard her complain or groan about a workout or certain exercise. (I’m sure she may be doing that in her head, but she hides it well!).

Seeing her form improve has been awesome! I mean look at this pic, this girl is STRONG! Keep killing in Lauren and continue to be consistent with classes. You’re doing so great!

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